Aripi Esoteric



  How did the idea for Aripi Esoteric come about? Beloved, the search process was long... Browsing patterns and colors for inspiration for weeks. What were we looking for?


 A timeless, romantic, somewhat magical pattern in the boho style that will bring to mind civilizations of the past. Which we associate with freedom, wind in our hair, living in accordance with nature, attachment parenting...The joy of life  and the ability to find happiness in small everyday things that is so unique these days. A feeling of happiness when you can smell the child's hair that rests simply on your heart. Joy when you see  smile of your baby and feel his closeness carrying him in a wrap. 


 When we saw this pattern, it immediately won our heart. And so it is here in the first installment. It materialized in the form of a shawl weighing about 280g.m2. Composed of 70% high-quality combed cotton and very soft merino wool, which perfectly regulates body temperature even in very hot summer. 


  Product created in an amount of less than 10 pieces. Unique, extraordinary for those who share our passions and like to have unique things.


Prices in a draw-  26.05.2020

shawl - 129 €

ring sling- 129 €

size 4- 159 €

size 5-169 €

size 6-179€

size 7-189€

size 8-199€


We have last one  s. 6 in our shop. If you are interested in. PM us :)

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